In terms of architectural signage companies, Signage Industries Corporation strikes the ideal balance. It is small and focused enough to give you the personalized commitment necessary for stellar results. Yet it has the in-house capability to expertly handle every aspect of your architectural sign system. Our qualified personnel have over 200 years of combined experience. As a result, we will create and install your architectural signage on time, within budget, and at a superior level of quality.

Before you choose among architectural signage companies, verify that you are not dealing with a ‘drop-shipper.’ Will your order be relayed somewhere distant to people you have not talked to personally? Or is your signage being produced by the people you are directly talking to? With whom do you think you will be receiving the best, most accurate attention to your needs?

Your business sign presents your company’s image and is a medium for communication. It is a way to identify, direct, and inform. Your sign is an ongoing advertisement for your products and services. Studies confirm that physical signage is the primary means by way most customers or clients learn about a company. This area requires your utmost attention — and ours.

Type of Architectural Signage We Create

Monument Signs

These are the signs that we often see at the front of a business. It’s tall and prominent, as the name implies, something a passer-by can’t miss when looking for your store or office. Read More

Pylon Signs

Similar to monument signs, they are even taller, often several stories high and very prominent. They can be used by a single business looking for a standalone main identification sign or a property manager in need of a multi-tenant pylon sign that identifies the tenants within the property. Read More

Wall Signs

A wall sign is a structure that attaches to a wall (as opposed to individual letters). Our signs are fabricated from aluminum extrusions and sheeting with various options in the type of graphics used.  Read More

Directional Signs

These are signs with a consistent look following the company’s branding that helps people find their way to various parts of the building or campus. Read More.

Fabricated Letters

These are signs that have letters, and perhaps images, as separate components, fixed to a wall or other structure. There are three kinds of custom-fabricated letters that we make: Read More

Halo Lit Letters

Halo lit letter have lighting behind the letters that provide a glowing night-time silhouette effect. The end result is a subtle yet elegant illumination of your company’s logo. Read More

Face-Lit Letters

These are signs in which each letter has lighting behind it, making the letters glow. Read More.

Non-Illuminated Letters

It may not be necessary to illuminate the letters needed on your signage. As with all of our fabricated letters, these are manufactured using durable aluminum sheeting.  Read More.

Precision-Cut Letters

The difference between precision cut and other custom fabricated letters lies in production method. As the name implies, these letters are cut from the desired material. Read more.

Custom ADA Signage

The acronym ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act. In the signage industry, these are usually wayfinding signs that are accessible to people with disability, including the addition of Braille. At Signage Industries we will create this signage using the branding of your company or institution, in a variety of high-quality materials. Read More.

Electronic Message Center

This type of sign is very popular for faith community signage Read more.